Letter to Gleaner: Beenie and Bounty “Invincible”


JAMAICANS ARE some of the most talented people in this world and our dynamism is embraced when shown far and wide. Beenie Man and Bounty Killer have cemented their status as being invincible.

The pull factor of Beenie and Bounty is undisputedly the strongest in dancehall at present, and they made great inroads with their compelling lyrical contents. Clashes will forever be a major part of dancehall, and though it might get furious at times, people across the world have found it quite interesting. These two monsters of dancehall should never be discounted by the younger generation, because they have played a significant role in the accentuation of dancehall to this present high point.

We cherish the mastery in the craftsmanship as compatriots of these two dynamic, talented proponents of dancehall. They are lyrically savvy and diverse in their approach and make us proud as a nation. Through these duels, our people depend on those who speak on our behalf and carry the flag to the highest points of human existence on planet Earth. We, as a people, sometimes forget that we have been respected for our laid-back type of relaxed levity. Jamaican dancehall we seh every time.

Anywhere we go we evoke a certain fierceness against people who presume that our music genre dancehall is a dying type of music. Dancehall is here to stay and we need to protect these prophetic voices who inspire and change the status quo of many youths who were on the precipice of death. These youths are sometimes termed as marginalised and some hopeless; but with the intervention of dancehall, they have been transformed into titans and household names.




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