Brooklyn Vegan’s Top 25 Albums of 2020 so far

The whole world is out of whack in a way that’s unprecedented for most if not all of us, and basically all people — the music world included — are still making changes to their lives and learning how to adjust. Basically every tour has been cancelled (and temporarily replaced by livestreams), and a lot of major album release dates have been pushed back as well (including Jarvis Cocker, Fugazi offshoot Coriky, The 1975, Margo Price, Lady Gaga, and several others), but thankfully there is still a lot of new music this year because right now we need music to lose ourselves in more than ever.

Given all of this, we’d like to take a moment and catch up on a lot of the albums we love that have been released in 2020 already, so here’s our 25 favorite albums of the first quarter of the year (and one honorable mention from each editor). It feels a little too early to start ranking things, so the list is in alphabetical order. We hope you find something new to sink your ears into during these rough times, and we also probably haven’t even heard all the great albums released this year so far or spent enough time with some of them, so we won’t be surprised if albums we missed here end up on our final best of 2020 list. What are your favorite albums so far this year? Let us know in the comments. Click the link for the list.

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