The Art of the Skratch

Turntablism Radio

To anyone familiar with hiphop culture, the turntable is more than a device to play records, it’s a musical instrument capable of manipulating and performing with any sound or instrument that can be put on wax. As one of the four elements of hiphop, deejaying is a complex art that encompasses such diverse skills as skratching and beat juggling. “The Art of the Skratch” is a program that is dedicated to celebrating and highlighting the art of turntablism or using the turntable as a musical instrument. We will explore the world of cuts and scratches with fresh tracks, information and interviews and live dj sets.

(some material may be inappropriate for some audiences)

This program airs at 10pm or later only

Here is a video of DJ Qbert and Mixmaster Mike in the 1993 DMC Finals: